To order a Unified Patent Court opt-out when adding an EP project in the portal, select the Request UPC Opt-Out checkbox in any EP Filing workflow.

As part of this process, check the Applicant Information section to verify applicant data, which is automatically populated from the EPO. Applicant data now includes a new Designated States field. It contains information about the designated states for each applicant, as listed on EP Register.

Ensuring applicant information is correct helps avoid issues with the opt-out application. If changes are needed, it is now possible to delete existing applicants and enter new ones with corrected information.

Cost Estimate for Non-patent

The Request UPC Opt-Out option is disabled if the patent is already opted out of the UPC, as indicated by the Current UPC Status: Opted Out field.

Please also note the updated terms and conditions, which include a UPC Opt-Out Services provision.

Cost Estimate for Non-patent