Navigating the Questel Services Portal
Get started with the Services Portal by learning about available features and where to find them. 

User Settings
Personalize your Services Portal experience by adjusting your Notification Settings and Preferred Filing Types, as well as setting up groups of your Common Jurisdictions.

Project List & Project Details
Learn how to make the most out of your Services Portal dashboard. This video looks at navigating the Project List and using various customization features. It also covers Project Details, where you can find additional information about your orders, track statuses and download deliverable files.

EP Grant & EP Validation Estimates
This video will help you generate EP Grant and EP Validation estimates, focusing on individual fields, available automation, jurisdiction selection process, as well as cost breakdown. It touches on the process of saving the estimate and converting it into project, as well downloading the estimate files.

EP Grant & EP Validation Projects
The focus of this video is on EP Grant and EP Validation orders. It takes you through the project workflow, including data entry and verification, jurisdiction selection, using reference number templates, and saving project drafts. The walkthrough completes with submitting your order to Questel.