If the source is not English, you have the option to proceed with default settings, or select a checkbox indicating that you have an English translation available.

Selecting this checkbox will ensure all rates are based on English as a source. It will also prompt you to upload your English translation document later in the process, if you convert the estimate into a project.

Please always select the checkbox if you have the English version of the document, as this will help reduce the estimated costs.

If you do not have the English translation, but select at least one jurisdiction that files in English, e.g. Canada or New Zealand, you will be quoted for one translation into English, and all other jurisdictions will be quoted using English as a source language.

If you do not have the English translation nor select any jurisdictions that file in English, the system will compare different rate options, with and without using English as a relay. The least expensive available rates will be automatically selected.

If you click the Request Estimate Assistance button, an email will be sent to our team and you will receive a copy. A new estimate will then be emailed to you within several hours.