Translation costs are broken down by jurisdiction. 

Translation fees are waived if a jurisdiction does not require translation.

Click on this button to delete jurisdictions or go Back to make different selections.


Save – Saves the Estimate to the Estimate List 

Start Project – Carries estimate data to a project, where further changes can be made, and details can be verified

Request Estimate Assistance - If you run into any issue creating an estimate, you can now reach out to our Client Solutions team directly from the portal. This can include missing information such as a rate, word count or similar. We will quickly address your request, fill out the missing pieces, and email the new estimate back to you.

To use this feature, create an estimate as usual and fill out any information you have. On the final Estimated Costs page, click the Request Estimate Assistance button in the lower left corner.

A popup dialog will appear, giving you an option to enter notes for our team and/or attach any documents that may help us with estimate creation. For example, you may want to attach amended claims, to make sure we estimate the claim count correctly. You can also attach PDF files here, if no Word version is available. This way if no automatic word count is generated, and you have no way of easily extracting the word count from the PDF, we can help with that.

You can always click Cancel inside this dialog, if you do not wish to wait for a new estimate to be delivered, and prefer to approximate the missing data and proceed.

If you click the Request button, an email will be sent to our team and you will receive a copy. A new estimate will then be emailed to you within several hours.