The Questel Services Portal is designed to optimize your interaction with various services. Currently this online platform can be used to submit and track filing and translation orders, and generate cost estimates for these services.


The portal can be accessed at Prior to first login, your Questel account manager will help set up your account in the system and add any number of users.

If your company has several team members using portal, and you would like for each one to only see their own projects and estimates, the Restricted access type can be provided. This access can also be beneficial if you would like to give agents or outside counsel the ability to submit orders on your behalf.

The Standard access, provided by default, allows each of your team members to see all activity associated with your company. You can choose to provide different levels of access to different users. 

Once the setup is completed, your team members will receive email invitations to set up their passwords. Please ensure that and email addresses are added to your network’s safe list, for portal communication to arrive successfully.