Search strategies from your saved searches or your alerts might be incompatible with the new version Orbit NG. We have decided to add the label "Not runnable" directly in the above interfaces and draw your attention to it.

Reasons for this label

Mainly 4 reasons will trigger the addition of this label:

  • Detection of obsolete and deleted search fields like /OWR /IW or /EC for the most frequent
  • An obsolete command is present and no longer available as a text like ..LIM
  • A deprecated operator like SDOC

In each of these cases, our teams have created an article (link here) where you will find documents to help you modify your strategies.

Thanks to an algebraic simplification algorithm the complexity of search strategies is automatically reduced. This algorithm acts transparently and with no effect on search results.

As a result, the ‘not runnable’ label should appear much less frequently and you, as a user, do not have to change your work habits when writing strategies.

"Too complex" message when you save a profile

The fourth reason is the level of complexity of your script/strategy.  

In this case too, our teams can help you resolve the difficulties associated with these strategies, and some of you are already in touch with Questel contacts for this purpose.

The main sources of this complexity (and thus, where the solution lies) are: 

  • heavy use of unlimited truncations like BIO+
  • redundant search (terms or fields) like /DESC/CLMS/TX (/TX means all descriptions and claims, redundant)
  • many previous steps (history lines) recalled that increases the complexity

Solution is to simplify the script by removing redundant parts and condensing it to avoid recalling previous lines, replacing + by one or several ? wherever it is possible etc...

We have just implemented a script to mark saved searches and alerts as incompatible with Orbit NG once the complexity threshold has been reached, even though the profile is saved anyway.