During this first quarter of the year 2024, Orbit Intelligence will switch to a new technology to support its search engine: Elastic Search, a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents.

If you want more details and explanations / comparisons with the previous Orbit Intelligence version, please browse our Questions&Answers section at this location.

This switch brings interesting added values:

  • The new search history feature keeps 8 days of work with an unlimited number of statements per day. It means you are now longer limited to 200 steps.
  • Our patent database has still three collections (grouped by Families (FAMPAT) , grouped by Applications (FULLPAT), and Publications (FULLTEXT), that now will be updated simultaneously. Previously only the fulltext databases were updated during the week. As a result, the information will be available sooner in your search.
  • The search engine will run significantly faster.
  • Fields are added or improved:
    • Strict classification search, for searching exact IPC codes and not the ┬źdescendant┬╗ ones.
    • The patent number displayed in cited / citing patents is the cited/citing member, not the representative member.
    • Country code can be searched directly in the field PTCC.
    • Brief summary  / Parent case  / Drawings / Government interest for US patents are now in fields [/BSUM /CASE /DRWG /GI]
    • ... 

Last but not the least, this new technology allows us to deploy more features and use cases using artificial intelligence algorithms.

During the next month, all our users will transition in batches to this new technology.

This change has no impact on most of your queries and how you build them. However, if you would like to learn more or, for the more experienced among you, if you would like assistance in the details, feel free to contact your Key Account Manager directly to organize workshops or receive more detailed information.

Attached please find:

  • a presentation of the major technical changes
  • how to replace the SDOC operator in Orbit NG
  • how to replace the ..LIM command in Orbit NG