This article continues the Unitary Patent general topic, further to the data description & the legal status event search. 


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The data for the unitary patent,

- If you are used to create an alert, then this is the classical procedure originally detailed here: Setting up alerts 

- Using update codes in alerts (-> LGUP = weekly only).


- alerts can be set up to monitor new information entered into the Orbit Intelligence databases,
- they allow you to be notified on new patent data within a certain technology field, from specific competitors, or to monitor selected patents,
- only the 1000 first results will be available for each execution of an alert.


  • Perform a search from the new advanced search form or the command line, then:
    > go to ‘search history‘,
    > click on ‘Alert‘ button,
    > uncheck ‘Retrieve records once they have an abstract‘,
    > add ‘ LGUP ‘ code in the update code field.

  • Select results delivery format.

  • Save.