An option is available to move one or several asset (patent, trademark, design or other type of asset)  from one family to another. The action is possible from an asset overview or from the portfolio "by asset" list via the action button "Move to another family".

This feature allows to select the new family and the parent asset for the selected asset(s) to be moved.

Move asset action button available via the portfolio list:

  • List should be grouped by asset
  • Select one or several assets
  • Click on "Move to another family"
  • Select the destination family
  • Optionally, choose the parent asset within the new family (the selection will be placed under this patent).
  • If no parent asset is selected, the assets to be moved will be placed at the root of the tree.

Move asset action button available via the asset overview:

  • Click on the 3 dots button
  • Click on "Move the asset to another family"