In this webinar you will learn about how to generate an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS), a requirement for patent application filing in the United States, using Orbit Intelligence. This functionality will be embedded in our new Patent Prosecution module that will include our Grant and Examiner Statistics prediction option. There is also a legal status analyzer that details the pathway the application will likely take as it works its way through the US patent examination process. 

We will show you how to develop the best filing strategy. 

  • How does the prosecution module work?
  • Grant statistics 
  • Examiner statistics
  • What is the legal status analyzer
  • IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) generator

 00:00 - Introduction

02:00 - How does a prosecution module work?

03:14 - Grant and Examiner statistics

06:11 - Legal Status Analyzer: What is it?

19:16 - IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) generator