Have you ever struggled to find the means to focus your search, or to reduce noise from your results? Have you ever wondered how broad / specific are your competitors' portfolios or which are the different applications for a certain technology? The use of classification codes and technology domains can help you with that! During this session we will study how to: 

- Employ classification codes to reduce the noise from your search results 

- Use the technological domains to learn about the main applications of a technology of interest or to focus on your competitor's business units of interest 

- Refine and focus your searches when keywords are ambiguous and applicable to various areas/industries.

  • Classification codes, IPC/CPC/National classificationsWhat are they? Who oversees their assignment? The different classification codes and their importance
  • Technology domains What are they?
  • Classification search Format? Which one to use? Where is it used in the system?

00:00 - Introduction

02:10 - Classification codes

11:00 - Technologie domains

13:00 Classification Search