It is possible to customize your exports and create export templates to reuse them later.

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Reminder: To select or create an export template :

  • Select the assets or families to export
  • Click on the "Export" button
  • Choose fields to export or select an existing template (see link : "Use an existing export template")
  • To create a new template : click on "Save as template"


The export template appears and the user can :

  • Select the fields to export
  • Reorganize the export (organization of the columns in the exported Excel file)
  • Save a new export template
  • Select an existing export template.

Note that all templates are accessible to all users. However, only the template creator can delete or modify his templates. If a user wishes to modify an export template of which he is not the creator, he can duplicate it and then modify it.

View the operation and reorganization of the fields of the export functionality: