A "workspace" is a folder allowing to group projects by type. The name of the workspaces can be customized by the customer and it is possible to create them at will. For example, it is possible to group all your offensive litigations, defensive litigation, FTOs, renewal decisions, offensive oppositions or defensive oppositions.

  • How to create a new workspace?

In the left menu, click on "+Create workspace".

  • How to add a new case in a workspace?

In a workspace, click on "+Create" to add a new case.

  • How to add a new custom field for managing cases in a specific workspace?

To be able to categorize each workspaces independently, it is possible to use custom fields. 

To add a new custom field, just go to the "Admin" section and the "Custom field" tab. For a custom field to be available in workspace section you have to select "Case" (in the "Apply to" section).

It is possible to set up specific custom fields in specific workspace. In the workspace overview, click on the option button (3 dots buttons) and select "Manage custom fields". The selected custom fields will be then available for all users for this workspace.

  • How to organise my workspace?

It is possible to organize the view of each workspace independently. By clicking on the "Manage column" button it is possible to add or remove the desired columns/information. This organization is saved at user level and each user can have the organization he desires.

  • How to add a questionnaire?

It is possible to add a questionnaire manually by clicking on the "Add questionnaire" button. You will then have to add the questions and the reviewers. It is thus possible to ask reviewers questions about the case's related assets in order to make a decision, for example about a renewal or an extension.

It is also possible to duplicate a "case": the questions and reviewers will be kept. It will then be possible to add the desired related cases in a second step.

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