Rely on analytics to make informed strategic prosecution decisions for your US patents. 

It allows you to have the most accurate understanding about your current situation as well as guide you on the key phases of the prosecution of your application.

  • Prediction path
  • Examiner analytics
  • Art Unit prediction (if no AU is already decided)
  • List of rejections
  • List of appeals

Short description of each tabs:

  • Application analysis: With the prediction path, you will easily understand which is the actual stage of your application and the grant probabilities associated to each following step. 
  • Examiner analysis: Understand the toughness and experience of your examiner in order to adapt your prosecution.
  • List of rejections: We analyze all the rejections on the same Art Unit to extract reasons for rejection and patents cited in the rejections in order for you to detect specific patterns and anticipate specific risks.
  • List of appeals: We analyze all the appeals on the same Art Unit to extract the final PTAB decisions in order for you to evaluate your chances of reversing examiner.