The Workspace feature is a generic and flexible tool to manage the various related projects of an IP department. A "workspace" is a folder allowing to group projects or cases by type. The name of the workspaces can be customized by the client and it is possible to create them at will.

Workflow overview and list of associated cases

For example, it is possible to track all the cases related to litigation or FTOs in a specific workspace. For each case, it possible to:

  • Add generic information in the overview, such as a reference, a description, custom fields, associated countries, status, entities or comments
  • Add related IP assets, such as patents, trademarks, designs or other type of asset.
  • Associate a questionnaire for each related asset to collect the reviewers' feedback
  • Add contacts, such as case manager, law firms in charge, third party entities etc...
  • Add tasks
  • Add documents

Case overview