The application allows you to connect directly to Questel's annuity payment platform. This link will be effective for all assets with the "PAVIS" entity as renewal payer. To activate this option, it is necessary to contact your Questel sales representative.

The exchange of information between the application and the payment platform is fully automated and the user can follow the status of the annuity payments in real time.

Step 1 : Make your decision (Renewal pending instruction)

Up-to-date data : Automatic calculation of due dates and costs. Each week, the system will update the renewals for your entire portfolio.

Make decisions by period : You can decide to manage your renewals by period, quarterly or monthly. You can also use the "committee" function to make group decisions directly in the tool

Renew or Not renew : For each of your assets listed in this table, you just have to say if you want to renew or not.

Synchronization with Pavis : All instructions are automatically sent to Pavis. You can change your mind up to 10 days before the renewal date.

Step 2 : Check the renewals in process (Renewal being processed)

Real time status : The system will get the status of the renewals from Pavis, if the order is completed then they will automatically go to step 3 = completed

Cancel the order : You can still instruct Pavis to cancel the renewal 

Final step : Renewals are completed

Real time status : When Pavis has completed the payment of the renewal, the system automatically retrieves the information and updates the status of the renewal to completed. If the decision was "Do not renew", the application status will also be updated to "Abandoned".

Payment receipt : The payment receipt is also automatically uploaded to Orbit Asset and attached to the relevant patent or trademark.