Orbit Asset provides standard dashboards for your budget. If custom dashboards is needed please contact your Questel’s Key Account Manager. 

This dashboard allows you to view the amounts associated with invoices and estimated cost. The estimated costs are the aggregate of the estimated costs for patents and trademarks.

It is possible to filter via different values and allows you to change the currency in which you want to see your charts.

List of standard graphs:

Generic graphics:

  • Estimated cost: It is the sum of the costs estimated by the system (this amount varies according to the filters)
  • Distribution of the estimated costs by nature (sum on the selected time range and filters). The nature of the costs is for example : Renewal, request in exam, Filing etc
  • Evolution of estimated and invoiced costs (cumulative amount per year)
  • Evolution of estimated costs cumulated per year: the segmentation allows to visualize the share of each type of costs.

Graphics based on estimated cost:

  • Estimated cost by country: This map shows the estimated costs (over the chosen time period) by country. The darker the color of the country, the higher the amount.
  • Estimated cost by country (other country) : Same as below.
  • Estimated cost by country (top 5 countries) : Same as below. Note that it is possible to zoom in on a certain period of time by using the slider available at the bottom of the graph.

  • Estimated cost breakdown by tag values : This graph lists all the tag families and their values. The area of a tag value is proportional to the sum of the estimated costs of the patents attached to this tag value.
  • This year renewal fee : Amount of estimated costs for the current year (comparison with the previous year).
  • This quarter renewal fee : Amount of estimated costs for the current quarter (comparison with the previous quarter).
  • Renewal fee per year: This graph shows the sum of the estimated costs associated with renewal (patents and trademarks cumulated).

Graphics based on invoiced cost:

  • Invoiced amount by supplier: This graph allows you to visualize the sum invoiced by the different suppliers on the fixed time selection (to have the total sum, it is enough to remove the filter on the date).
  • Invoiced amount top 5 supplier: This graph shows the amount of money invoiced by the 5 main suppliers per year.


  • Latest invoices : List of the latest invoices added in the system
  • Upcoming estimated cost : List of expected costs to arrive soon.