The email management feature is not enabled by default. To activate it, it is necessary to make a request to your Key Account Manager.

When an email is sent to a predefined address (, this email is automatically stored in the system and visible in the generic email management tab. If the asset reference is indicated in the email subject (between special characters), the email will be classified automatically and visible at the asset level.

List of special characters that can be used to detect the asset reference :







For example, if an email is sent to (to or cc) and if the sender has indicated the asset reference in brackets (e.g. [PAT0002]), this email will be visible in the generic tab and in the tab of the concerned asset (asset with reference PAT0002 in our example).

For security reasons, some emails will not be visible in the interface or will appear with an alert message:

  • Domain names limitation: Domain names present in the Orbit Asset contact database are allowed and some are prohibited (based on a forbidden domain name list).

Example: If "" or "" have been entered in the contact database, then all emails from the domains name "" and "" will be accepted by the system (ie:

  • Prohibited domain names:,,,,,,,,,

The list of prohibited domain names can be communicated on request and is likely to evolve.

  • Email with suspicious attachments: Only the following document formats are accepted by the system for security reasons: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xsl, .xslx, .ppt, .pptx, images (jpeg, gif, png)

The list of prohibited attachments format can be communicated on request and is likely to evolve.

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