The Orbit Asset application allows emails to be automatically stored and organized in the corresponding folder. To associate an email with an asset automatically, the asset reference must be in the email subject between special characters, such as *.

Tab for displaying incoming emails associated with a family

The generic interface for managing emails allows you to list all emails that have been sent to the application. This interface is available by clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of the interface.

Icon to access the generic interface for managing incoming emails

There are two ways to list your emails:

  • List of emails ASSOCIATED to an asset
  • List of emails NOT ASSOCIATED with an asset

It is possible to switch from one to the other by changing the "Filter by". The default filter is "Emails not assigned to an asset". If you can't find the email you are looking for in this list, you need to change the filter to check for emails associated to an asset.

Incoming email management generic interface

From this interface, it is possible to :

  • Associate an email to an asset ("Assign email to an asset" button)
  • Associate emails to an asset in bulk (by checking the emails in the left menu)
  • Delete an existing association (edit icon)
  • Delete an email from the system (3 dots menu option)
  • Download the email attachments to your computer ("Download all attachments" button)
  • Download the attachments in the document tab of the assigned asset ("Add as document in the assigned asset" button).

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