As well as Patents, Trademarks, Designs and many other IP Asset types you can also manage contracts directly in the application in the “Contract” tab.


List your contracts

  • Add a new contract


To add a new contract in the system, simply click on the + button at the bottom right and select "Contract". You will have to enter at least in the tool :

  • Contract family reference: This is the reference of the contract family (this reference will be visible on the list " By family " of the portfolio tab).
  • Contract reference: This is the reference of the contract (often the same reference as the family reference). 
  • Contract title: This is the title of the contract. This title will be visible on the list view and also when opening the contract family page and the contract page.
  • Contract status: You will be able to choose between "Draft" (which means that the contract is in the negotiation or drafting phase), "Active" (which means that the contract has been signed and has come into force) and "Inactive" (which means that the contract has expired or has been abandoned).
  • Optionally, it is possible to add user in charge of this contract (ie "Case manager") or in charge of administrative tasks (ie "Paralegal"). This user will be associated to the case and visible in the docket tab.


  • Manage contract


As with all other sections in the tool, you have two types of views/levels: Family and Asset (in this case contract view). It is possible to switch from one to the other by clicking on the family tree on the left of the screen.


  • The family view: 

This view allows you to see (and modify) information at family level such as associated families or family level tags (for example: business unit ets...).

It could be interesting to list in the "Related" tab all the portfolio securities linked to this contract (see article "Related families").

Family view 

  • The contract view: 

This view allows you to complete or modify its description and its tags (or user field).

The modification of the "General Information" will also allow to update its status. By adding an "Effective date" (i.e. the effective date of the start of the contract) and a "Signature date" (i.e. the date the contract was signed), the status will automatically change from "Draft" to "Active". These 2 fields are mandatory for the contract to become "Active".

By using the options (3 dots button, top right of the screen), it is possible to close a contract (i.e. change its status to " Inactive ") or to reinstate a contract (i.e. change the status from " Inactive " to the previous status (" Active " or " Draft "). It is also possible to delete a contract, but it should be noted that it does not allow a rollback and that it will imply the deletion of the associated tasks and documents.

Contract view

  • Create tasks and reminders

By clicking on the "Docket" tab, it is possible to add its own tasks and it will be displayed in the generic "Tasks" tab.


  • Attach documents

By clicking on the "Document" tab, it is possible to add documents.


  • Search in your contract portfolio (not available / contact us for the roadmap)


  • Admin section / customization:


It is possible to add tags (or user fields) via the "Admin" tab and the "Custom fields management" section. To create custom fileds at the level of contracts, it is necessary to select the "Contract" category.

See article: “Tags management”.