The system allows you to check the consistency of your trademark bibliography data with the public data. The clock icon with a red dot indicates that suggestions are available to update your trademark portfolio.


By clicking on this icon, a new window opens and suggests you the different updates that you can validate (green button) or decline (red button).


The data comparison process is performed automatically every week (it is also possible to launch it manually via : Admin > Batch Launcher > Update Trademark Suggestion). The update is currently launched automatically on Wednesdays.



Tips : You can switch to the next family by clicking on the arrows on the top left of the window.


Based on one of the application or registration number of an existing trademark, the application will check if all numbers, dates and status are completed or in the right format with respect to the public data.


Validate or Decline update suggestions : By clicking on "Validate" (green button) the system will replace the "Current value" with the "Suggested value" in the Orbit Asset database. If you reject this update (red button), the system will not suggest this update after the next data comparison.


Connect or disconnect update suggestion : The system also allows you to connect or disconnect the link to the public data (and thus to the suggested data). 


  • A "connected" trademark (appearing with the icon and the green dot) is linked to the public data and is able to suggest updates. For example:
    • If the system indicates "0 suggested update", this indicates that all bibliographic data is         consistent with the published data.
    • If the system indicates "3 suggested update", this indicates that the system has detected 3 fields with values different from the public values and suggests you to update them.


  • A "disconnected" trademark (appearing with the icon and the red dot) is not linked to the public data because the system has not succeeded in linking it (usually because the application number has been entered incorrectly). A disconnected trademark will necessarily show "0 suggested update". It is possible to “connect” a trademark manually by clicking on the connect icon and enter the correct application number.




  • If the application number was entered incorrectly and is returning incorrect updates, it is possible to disconnect the trademark and then reconnect it with the correct registration number by clicking on the connection icon. The system will then propose the right suggestions to complete your bibliographic data and you will just have to validate them.

  • If an image is associated to the trademark, you can click on the image icon to open the image and quickly check if the suggested updates are correct or not (if you disconnect the trademark this wrong image will be deleted from your portfolio)
  • If you validate a new language for your good & services, this new description will be added as follow : 

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