In FAMPAT/FULLPAT, the Assignee data and names are normalized

This process is done internally by Questel by our Normalization department , assisted by our partner FactSet for the entities names and groups.

The goals are the following:

- standardize company names to help you in your assignee searches

- replace each company in its group and allow the search by Mother Company through the Coporate tree

How it works ? 

  1. Raw data received by the offices in original languages (about 80)
  2. Translation or transliteration into Latin characters
  3. Adding the data in the field Patent Assignee /PA
  4. Matching with the Questel's entities database and Facstet to possibly convert the "translated name" into a common and known name like "Matsushita Electric" => "Panasonic"
  5. Adding the Mother company information related to the entity, like Google is part of Alphabet group


- All the possible assignee names are present in the Patent Assignee field /PA

- Only company names are normalized => Inventors who are also assignees are not normalized

- Analysis module is based on the normalized names and does not show the Inventors names on Assignees graphs