You can adapt the Renewals module to your own needs. 

Three modes are available:

  • The passive mode, which allows Asset to calculate the instruction and renewal dates, but not to export instructions. This mode is fully automated and does not require any action from the user.
  • The active mode, which allows Asset to calculate instruction dates, renewal dates, to export renewal decisions to send them to your renewal provider(s) and to follow the different steps of the renewal payment process. A default renewal status can be chosen among:
  • "To be decided": which will need to be manually changed to "Renew" or "Do not renew" periodically.
  • "Renew": However it will always be possible to revert the status to "Do not renew".
  • Active mode with connection to the Questel Renewal payment servicesAll the steps are fully automatized and the payment date and receipt are automatically added in the system. 
    To access this mode, please contact our Support team.


The renewals display mode can be adapted to your operating habits.You can group them by month, or by quarter.


In the same way, the instruction date (deadline for sending the instruction to pay or not to pay the renewal to the supplier) can be customized. You can select a number of days BEFORE the 1st renewal date of the group (monthly or quarterly).