The active renewal mode allows you to automatically :

  • Generate the renewal dates of your patents and trademarks 
  • Export the instructions by renewal provider. 

These instructions can be sent by email for payment (or not) of the renewals. The renewal provider can be entered in the docket tab on the patent or trademaroverview.


The "Renewals" tab allows you to view the three main steps of the renewal instruction and payment process:


  • Step 1: Renewals pending instruction

This tab allows you to list the instructions that have not yet been sent to the renewal provider and for which the decision must be validated.


The possible decisions are the following:

  • To be decided: This is not an instruction and this line will not be added to the instruction file for the renewal provider
  • Renew: The instruction is to pay the renewal
  • Do not renew: The instruction is not to pay the renewal


When an instruction (Renew or Do not renew) has been assigned to all cases, you can export the instructions corresponding to each provider in Excel format. 

Once instructions have been sent, by email for example, you have to click on the button "Confirm all instructions have been sent to provider(s)";

  • This action will move all the cases to the next step "Renewals being processed".




  • By selecting one or more cases, you can:
    • Edit the decision for those cases
    • Add the assets to a committee, to ask reviewers' inputs before making the decision.
  • The instruction date (i.e. the date the renewal provider expects to receive the renewal instruction) can be customized in the "Admin" tab: you can set 1 instruction date for all cases.
  • You can list the cases by month or by quarter in the "Admin" tab.
  • You can select a default instruction status via the "Admin" tab (either "To be decided" or "Renew").


  • Step 2 : Renewals being processed


This tab allows you to list the instructions that are being paid by the renewal provider

When the renewals have been correctly paid by the provider, it is necessary to enter the "Renewed-on" date (either case by case or in mass by selecting several cases). 

Once all the lines have been completed with the Renewed-on date, you can click on the button "Confirm Renewals have been proceed" to make these lines pass in the last step "Renewals completed":

  • Step 3 : Renewals completed


This tab allows you to list the renewals that have been paid. 

A completed renewal (Renew or do not renew) will remain in this section for 2 months before the next renewal is calculated.