There are two ways to add trademarks to an existing family:

1. Add extensions via the priority trademark
2. Manually and independently add a new trademark.


This feature is useful for specific situations such as:

  • Adding multiple priority trademarks to a single family
  • Adding trademarks to a family without a priority link
  • Adding older trademarks which already exist but have not yet been registered in the system


To access ‘Add a trademark’ option, click the 3 dots menu in family view:


Fields description:

  • Trademark Reference: Most of the time the trademark reference is built on the following format: "Family Reference" - "Country Code" (+ digit if several asset in the same country). 
    Reminder: A trademark reference should be unique.

  • Trademark title: The title of the trademark (or trademark name) can be independent of the family title.
    The family title is by default automatically suggested by the system ; it can be modified.

  • Type of the trademark: Choose the trademark type between the following ones:
    • Word
    • Figurative
    • Color
    • 3-D
    • Multimedia
    • Combined
  • Country of the trademark: Selection of the protected jurisdiction (national or regional)
  • Status of the trademark: It is possible to select two basic statuses:
    • "Filing is in progress" if the project is in the process of filing and if the filing number and filing date are not yet available 
    • "Protection is already filed".
      NB: If you are adding older trademarks that were already Registered or Abandoned, you will be able to later on select these statuses.