To import the Goods & Services associated with a trademark, click on the Admin tab and select the "Import Excel" option. 

The Excel file used for the import must have exactly the same format as the Excel file attached to this article: 4 columns named respectively: CASE NUMBER, CLASSES, GOODS & SERVICES and LANGUAGE.

How to import the goods and services file

You can then access and edit them via the trademark’s "Goods & Services" tab.


Goods and Services overview 

You will find attached the standardized Excel table for importing Goods & Services. 
1 line = to 1 Nice class 
– each Nice class must contain:


This is the reference of the concerned trademark. 
NB: If the reference entered in the Excel file does not exist, the line will not be imported. 
An import report is available after the import.


This is the Nice class number ; it is a number between 1 and 45.



2 choices are available:

  • Either fill in this Excel cell > the system will import the text contained.
  • Or leave this Excel cell empty > the system will automatically import the default description of the class.

The default Nice class description is available on the following URL:


The Goods & Services language must be set (e.g. EN (for English), FR (for French), ES (for Spanish) or RU (for Russian)).

NB: if this Excel cell is empty, the line will not be imported.
If the "Goods & Services" cell is empty, its description will automatically be imported in English, even if a different language has been indicated in the 'Language' section.