In IP departments, many decisions have to be taken collaboratively during meetings, so as to decide on future strategies.
The 'Questionnaire' section in the Workspace feature addresses that need.

The "Questionnaire module" allows you to:

  • Create questionnaires
  • Submit them to other users 
  • Group their answers to make a decision. 

All events that require decisions to be taken on several assets can be handled in this virtual space: Portfolio reviews, invention committee, renewal decisions...

Creating a new questionnaire is only allowed for "Advanced" or "Admin" users. The questionnaires are based on the "Related asset" of a case associated to a workspace.

Step 1: Select the assets on which a questionnaire is required

You can associate the "related asset" of a case to a questionnaire.

See article : How to add "related assets" in a workspace


Step 2: Create the questionnaire

Click on the "Questionnaire" tab to create the questionnaire and designate reviewers:

  • Select the committee
  • Create a questionnaire
  • Assign a deadline and assign one or more reviewers per question.

NB: Reviewers must be users (= they must have an access to Orbit Asset).

The questions are customizable ; the answers can be predefined custom answers, or a free text field.


When clicking the "Save and send to reviewers" button, the questionnaire is saved and an email is sent to each reviewer, asking them to answer it within the specified time limit.

You also can edit the decision maker by clicking on the tree dots buttons.

Step 3: Collect the reviewers' responses

The decision maker can view the evolution and the responses indicated by the reviewers.

2 views are available to see the responses:

  • A general view by listing
  • A detailed view by question (click on "more details" to access it).

If answers are still missing, you can send a reminder to the reviewer by email.

Based on the answers, the decision maker can enter a score and a decision. You can also directly access the case by clicking on the asset logo.


Available options:

  • Questionnaire modification (adding/removing assets or questions, changing the deadline).
  • Questionnaire duplication: to duplicate the questionnaire, you can duplicate the case. The entire questionnaire (questions and reviewers) will be copied and new assets can be added to start the process anew.
  • Committee deletion.