Orbit Asset provides access to published data in a few clicks. The links are available as soon as the patent is published on the patent presentation page (see the "General Information" widget and the "Claim/Biblio" tab).

Based on the filing number or the publication number entered in the platform, Orbit Asset is able to automatically create a link to the following public information:

  • Link to the different publications of the patent in PDF format
  • Link to the official register (deeplink to the application's register, or home page when unavailable)
  • Link to the Orbit Express database which provides a generic view on all family members
  • Access to documents that have been cited during the procedure (backward citation)
  • Access to documents that have cited your patent (forward citation)

Access via the "Overview" tab of a patent:

The access to the "Orbit Express" page is particularly interesting because it gives a global view of all the published data of the family. In addition to PDFs and images, on this page you will find in text format the Independent claims and all claims, the description, the IPC classifications, a patent family overview, information on assignees and inventors.

Access via the "Biblio / Claims" tab of a patent:

On this page you will find all the links and in particular the links to the "Citing Patent" and the "Cited Patent". They are accessible in PDF format by a simple click on the publication number.

View the different access and public information available through Orbit Asset in video :