There are several levels of rights or permissions available. 

  • Admin users has full access and can modify everything.
  • Advanced users can edit but not delete assets and have access to all features except the administration tab.
  • Contributors can add assets and documents. They cannot edit the bibliographic information and delete assets. They do not have access to the budget, renewals and committee tabs.
  • Guests have read-only access and do not see the budget, renewals module and document information tabs.
  • Guests can access only their personal tasks. 

The following table lists the levels of rights and associated permissions:

* Admin tab allows you to manage :

  • Tag Management: Add and modify the user fields
  • Trademark law & Patent law & Extension profiles: Customize the cost engine
  • Import Excel: Import excel files for importing patents, trademarks and related invoices
  • Docketing configuration: Modify your docketing options
  • Organization & user management: Create and manage users, contacts, entities and law firms
  • Extension profile: Create extension profiles per tags to calculate your cost forecast
  • Update preference: Modify your update preferences by fields (Automatic update, Suggested update, No update)
  • Client preferences: Modify your client preferences and formats.

You will find some screenshots to illustrate these permission levels:

Admin's portfolio overview:

Admin's Family overview (and options):

Admin's Asset overview (and options):

Advanced user's portfolio overview:

Advanced user's Family overview (and options):

Advanced user's Asset overview (and options):

Guest user's portfolio overview:

Guest user's Family overview (and options):

Guest user's Family overview (and options):