The management of contacts and users is very important in an intellectual property management system. It allows you to manage your partners (intellectual property firm, annuity payment service, filing partner etc…), your inventors and the rights/permissions of users who have access to your database.


The directory of your contacts is available to administrators in the Admin > Contact & Organizations tab.

Add a new contact in the directory:


To add a contact, click on the "Admin" section and then on "Contact & Organization" tab. A button on the right named "+ Create" is available for adding a new contact.


The following fields are mandatory when entering a new contact:

  • Organization: Contacts must be attached to an organization. For example, an entity can be the company or a partner of the company.
  • Role in the organization: The roles are different if the contact is associated with an entity or a law firm. The roles are given as an indication to help to classify or sort by your contacts. 
    • Roles associated to entities: In-house paralegal, Case Manager, Inventors, In-house attorney & Other.
    • Roles associated to law firms: Paralegal, Attorney, Annuity Admin & Other.
  • First name & Last name
  • E-mail address (mandatory if you want that this contact have access to Orbit Asset)


Note: Additional fields exist to qualify this contact (it is also possible to add custom fields in Admin > Custom fields).


Grant access to a contact at Orbit Asset


Check the box named “Grant portfolio access” if you wish to give access to Orbit Asset to this contact


For contacts with access to the database, you must also select the level of permission and access:

- Permission level: Admin, Advanced or Guest (see definition in the article called "Level of right / Permissions description")

- Portfolio access: Choice between full access (this contact will have access to all assets) or limited access (this contact will only have access to the assets on which he is listed as a contact, e.g. as an inventor, patent firm contact or other contact).

- Note: A contact with the Admin level has mandatory access to the entire portfolio.



View your contacts:


All your contacts are listed in table form. It is possible to filter on all the columns and have a clear view of the access level of your contacts.


You also can quickly:

  • Grant access to an existing contact by clicking on "Grant portfolio access"
  • Delete a group of contacts by selecting them and clicking on the "Delete" button.
  • Edit the level access by clicking on “Edit portfolio access”