This directory lists IP Law Firms (local or foreign), agents in charge of filings or agents in charge of renewal payments.

"Law firm" type organizations are suggested in the Law Firm widget associated to an asset (see in the asset view the tab named "Docket").

To search more easily and facilitate the choice in the "Law Firm" widget, it is possible to specify the "Countries of operation" and the "Specialty" (Patent, Trademark, Design or Other) for each of the law firms. 

For example, if a law firm is assigned the "Countries of operation" US and CA and the specialty "Design", this law firm will be suggested only for assets of type "Design" filed in the US and CA.

To classify the Law firms, it is also possible to specify a "Type" (Main Law Firm, Secondary Law Firm, Additional Law Firm and Annuity Law Firm) and an "ID reference" (this is a free field to enter a reference for example).

It is possible to activate or deactivate an entity. Deactivating an entity allows the entity to remain visible on Law Firm widget in the asset view, but no longer suggests them as available.

To modify a Law Firm, click on the name of the Law Firm and a window will open where you can change its name, address, "Countries of operation", "Specialties" or change its status. When a Law Firm is modified, it will appear modified in all the assets where it was selected.