This list of entities allows you to list internal subsidiaries, co-owners or any other type of partner that it might be interesting to link to one or more of these assets (patent, TM, design or Other). The entities listed in this widget will be proposed in the "Applicant" widget of an asset.

It is possible to activate or deactivate an entity. Deactivating an entity makes it possible to leave the entity visible on the widget applicant in the asset view, but this entity will no longer be suggested in the applicant widget.

To classify entities, it is possible to specify a "type" (Internal Entity, External Entity and Other) and an "ID Number" (this is a free field to enter a reference for example).

To modify an entity, click on the name of this entity and a window will open where you can change its name, its address or modify its status. When an entity is modified, it will appear modified in all the assets where it has been selected.