Orbit Asset allows to users to manage Contacts (e.g. internal or external inventors, external patent attorneys etc.) and Organizations. Basically, the difference between a User and a Contact is very simple: a Contact does not have access to the Asset database and a User does.


An Organization can be either an entity (such as an internal company, an affiliate, a co-applicant or any other type of entity) or a law firm.

A Contact can be an internal or external inventor, a case manager, or a paralegal.

The Contact and Organization management interface is accessible in the "Admin" tab and allows the user to:

  • Add a new contact (e.g. Inventors)               
  • Add a new organization (e.g. entities or law firms)
  • Modify a contact or an organization (e.g. change address, personal data)
  • List and filter in the contact or organization list

Note: It is possible to grant an access to the database by clicking on "Grant portfolio access".