When you click on a patent, you are directed directly to its "Overview" tab. The "General information" widget allows you to view (and modify) the bibliographic data of the selected patent.


You will find below the definition of each of the terms used:

Filing Information : These fields have to completed to change the patent's status to "Filing is in progress" to "Protection Filed". When these data will be added, the status will be updated automatically.

  • Priority date : This date is created automatically and corresponds to the earliest priority date of the asset. As a standard, this is the filing date of the first priority filing (or provisional application) entered when the family was created. This date can be changed manually.
  •  Application date : This is the official filing date of the patent or patent application. This date is particularly important for the automatic calculation of deadlines associated with the law engine.
  • Filing date : This date corresponds to the date on which the office received the filing instruction (or Office Receipt date). This date is given as an indication and is not used for the calculation of the deadlines associated with the law engine. This date can be different from the application date especially for the divisional, continuation, extension following a PCT or EP validation.


Example 1: Priority patent application case

A priority patent filed on January 4, 2020 (i.e. "Filing date") will have an identical "Application date".

Example 2: Case of an EP validation in Italy

Following the grant of an EP patent (Application date on January 2, 2020 and Grant date on March 28, 2024), the decision was taken to validate the protection in Italy. The date of sending of the instruction will be the "Filing Date" (i.e. March 28, 2024) but the official date of the IT patent ("Application date") will be the application date of the EP patent (i.e. January 2, 2021).

  • Application number : The application number, as sent by the office (attention, the country code is not useful because it is already indicated in the "country code" field).

Important note: It is on this field that the system will be able to connect this patent to the     updates via the public data. The system does not require any particular formalism to associate your patent with the public data. If no suggestion is available, while the patent is published, you can click on the update suggestion interface to search it again. 

Publication information:

  • Publication number : The publication number, as sent by the office (caution : same as the Application number, the country is useful here).
  • Publication date : First publication date of this application (usually 18 months from the priority date).
  • National number : This non-mandatory field is dedicated to a specific national number. For example, following the designation of European countries, some countries may assign a "national number" (in addition to the EP application number). This number is useful for the calculation of the renewal date for some EP validation countries such as DE and IT.

Grant Information : These fields have to completed to change the patent's status from "Protection Filed" to "Grant". When these data will be added, the status will be updated automatically.

  • Grant number : This is the patent number or grant number, as sent by the office (no need of the country code).
  • Granting date : Date of the granted patent publication or date of the patent.

Other Information:

  • Country : This is the two-letter codes indicating the protected state or intergovernmental organizations.
  • Patent type : In other words this is the nature of the filing. The following choices are possible:
    • Priority of Patent (PR), 
    • Provisional (PROV), 
    • PCT Procedure (PCT), 
    • Direct Extension (EXT, ie extension following the priority delay), 
    • Extension of a PCT Procedure (PctExt), 
    • European Extension (EpExt), 
    • Divisional (DIV), 
    • Continuation (CON), 
    • Continuation in part (CIP), 
    • Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC), 
    • Priority of a Utility model (UtiPR) and 
    • Extension of a Utility model (UtiExt).
  • Expiration date : Calculated or definitive expiry date of the protection.

Links to public data:

  • Latest publication : This link refers to the latest available original publication for this application in PDF format (all publications available are in the "Biblio" tab). 
  • Link to the register: Easely jump to to the official register (PTO website)
  • Link to Orbit Express: Permalink to our FAMPAT database (via Express) and allows you to view all the public family data : text, claims, images, legal status etc...

Note : These 3 links are only accessible after the publication of the patent. If these 3 links remain grayed out after the publication, please check the publication number or validate the publication number suggested by the system, see "update suggestion".