If the option "Auto-docketing" is active, the system will automatically generate due dates on the basis of the law engine.  For some offices (currently only the US office), the system can automatically create tasks according to the events published on the register.


When a new patent or design is added to the system, an automatic event named "Filing Event" is automatically added with the associated tasks (or deadlines).


In the example below, the user adds a PCT to his family and the system automatically generates a "Filing event" with all the upcoming official deadlines based on our law engine. This list is customizable by the Questel team and some deadlines can be removed if needed.

Except for jurisdictions where the system has a link to the registry (currently only for the US), it is necessary to manually add new events in the life of a patent application. The creation of this new event will create the deadlines induced by this new event.

Several examples of adding new events are described below:

Example 1: Adding an Office Action


To add a new "Office Action" event, two solutions are possible:

  • Click on the + button at the bottom right and select "Docket Event"
  • Zoom on the patent and add an event in the "Docket" tab

In the example below, the user received an official letter dated February 4, 2021, with an official response delay of 3 months. Simply enter this data into the tool and the deadline will be added to the calendar. It is also possible to add a personal task to this event by clicking on "Add a new task".

Example 2: The case of US patents


For US patents, all official deadlines are added automatically through the link with the Public (or Private) PAIR. 

As soon as an event is published on the PAIR, it is added to the patent application and the associated deadlines are created with a link to the official document.

Example 3: "International Search Report" for a PCT


When receiving the international search report, it will be necessary to enter this new event "Search Report and Written Opinion of the ISA Received" and indicate its date so that the associated deadlines can be added.

Example: Deadlines created when adding the event "Search Report and Written Opinion of the ISA Received".

- File Amendments to Claims under Art. 34

- File Amendments to Claims under Art. 19

- File Amendments to Following Written Opinion ISA

- File Response to Written Opinion of the ISA (ISA/237)


The date of each of these deadlines was created based on the nature of the event and its date.