Get automatic insights and updates from your searches directly in your mailbox!


Stay informed on your favorite topics, keep an eye on latest patent filings or keep a close watch on technology trends…  

In addition to monitoring companies of interest, you can monitor your searches and dashboards, such as Technology Landscape, Data Screening or Competitive Landscape. Insights and documents arrive directly in your mailbox weekly or monthly.

Compose your personalized Insight Feed and monitor your Searches


Go to your Insight feed menu and customize the search you want to monitor in just 3 steps!

Choose one of the three dashboards then select your favorite items : IP, Business, Key players…

Decide how often you want to receive your Insight Feed : weekly or at the beginning of each month. 

Finally, select searches you want to monitor by using the “add search” button or by tapping directly into your saved searches or last searches.

Be alerted weekly or monthly


You will then directly receive a complete and personalized Feed to summarize key information.

If an item of information catches your attention, click on it and go directly to Orbit Insight to find out more: access the complete list of patents, get the latest trend or the most active players...


And don’t forget, you can also access your Insight Feed directly in Orbit Insight by clicking on the menu.

Configure your Insight Feed


At any time, you can adjust your settings by adding items, or by adding searches to monitor via the configuration menu.

Don’t hesitate to add searches directly from your dashboard using the ‘mail’ icon, they will then instantly be added to your Feed!