Orbit Asset offers an automated updating feature allowing users to keep their patent and trademark portfolio up to date. 

The data consistency check is based on links with the patent database Orbit Intelligence and a Trademark database.

For example, when a patent grants, the system automatically suggests to the user to change his status from “Pending” to “Granted”, to add the number and the date of grant. 

This process avoids making mistakes and keeps manual entries and update time to the strict minimum.

Description of the connection status of an asset:

  • PENDING : Asset has been recently added and is pending connection:

  • CONNECTED : Connected to global IP database

  • NOT CONNECTED : Not connected because the asset is not published or the system has not found a match in public databases:

  • DISCONNECTED : Asset has been manually disconnected (this asset will not be taken into account during the next batch, to have updates again it will be necessary to connect it manually)

  • NOT ELIGIBLE : Will not be connected because this asset is generally not published e.g. provisional patents or EP extensions (this asset will not be taken into account in the next batch, if this patent has been finally published you can connect it manually to get updates)


List of updated fields for patents:

  • Title (Family level only)
  • Abstract (Family level only)
  • Type
  • Application number
  • Priority date
  • Application date
  • Publication number
  • Publication date
  • Grant number
  • Grant date
  • Expiration date
  • Status
  • Number of claims

List of updated fields for TMs:

  • Type
  • Name of brand
  • Image
  • Application number
  • Filing date
  • Registration number
  • Registration date
  • Expiration date
  • Status
  • Nice classes
  • Description (Goods & Services)

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