It is possible to customize the costs of your costing engine for brands. To do so, you need to go to the "Admin" module and click on the "Trademark Laws" tab.

The system allows you to customize the estimates on two levels:

  • The global level: the amount will be passed on to all brands (all countries). The modification can be done by clicking on the button "Global fees".
  • The local level: It is possible to add a customizable amount country by country.

The estimate that will appear in the portfolio or in the budget tab will be the sum of these 2 values plus the tax value (if any).

The following actions are predicted by the system (it is not possible to modify the temporal prediction and the tax (value), it is based on generic statistics or IP rules).

  • Renewals fees
  • Fee for filing
  • Fee for registration

Example of an automatically calculated estimate for a US trademark


  • To modify the estimates at the local level, it is possible to copy the values for several countries by dragging the cell (same operation as Excel)
  • For the modification of the global estimates, a difference is made according to the first trademark added in a family and the following trademarks (which will be extended on the basis of this first mark).