Through the 'extension profiles', you will be able to highly customize the cost estimations, and have them reflect your filing habits.

The Administrators will be able to create/edit them via the tabs > 'Admin' > 'Extension profiles'.

The profiles will be split via the use of internal tags - e.g.: 'Business unit' or 'Product line'
They will allow the cost estimation to be based on the tag values used for the specific profile you activated.

Use case: Apply a specific "Extension profile" to specific business unit.

  • Select an extension profile based on your internal tag 'Business unit'.
  • This tag contains the values 'Business unit 1' and 'Business unit 2' 
  • Edit the suggested extension profile (based on your internal statistics)
  • Get in 'Budget tab' a cost estimation adapted to the filing habits of 'Business unit 1' and 'Business unit 2' (as long as you do use these values in the families tag section).

The system will automatically generate the profile based on the average of the extensions already existing in these sections (= in the assets containing this value).
 It will also keep a 'default' profile that applies to assets that do not contain any value for this tag.

These profiles can be edited (modification of %, addition of potential extensions linked to a change in filing policy, etc.), and the cost forecast will therefore be adapted according to the axis of your choice!