It is possible to add invoices in the Orbit Asset tool manually and via an Excel file. This article addresses the possibilities of manually adding an invoice associated with an IP asset.

Orbit Asset allows you to add invoices to all your assets (patents, trademarks, designs or other types of assets). It is important to note that if an invoice is added to an event predicted by the cost engine, this invoice (date and amount) will replace the forecast

This means that in the "Finance" tab (available at the asset level), 'Budget' table or 'Report', there can be no duplication between an expected cost and an invoice.

You can view all the invoices that have been added via this table and add a new invoice by clicking on the button "+ Add Invoice"

Note that:

- Clicking on a value in the column " Invoice # ", will open the corresponding invoice.

- Clicking on a value in the "Asset Ref" column, will open the corresponding asset > the invoice will appear in the "Finance" tab.

- It is also possible, via the " Action " column, to modify or delete the invoice.

To add a new invoice, simply click on the "+ Add Invoice" button and the following input interface will appear:

Several fields are available (some of which are mandatory*) to enter the invoice - it is possible to attach the invoice in electronic format.

Invoice Global Information:

  • Invoice ID # *: This is the reference of the invoice (free text)
  • Invoice date *: This is the date of the invoice (date indicated on the invoice)
  • Supplier *: You can select a supplier that has already been entered or create a new one (this new supplier will then be suggested when adding an invoice).
  • Currency *: This is the currency indicated on the invoice (if the currency is different from the currency used by the customer, it will be converted automatically into the currency used by the customer).
  • Description: This is a brief description of the nature of the event being invoiced.
  • Upload file: It is possible to attach an electronic file (example : PDF)

Invoice Details:

  • Asset related to this amount *: Select the asset associated to the event invoiced
  • Nature of cost details *: Select the nature of the invoiced event (example: Renewal 07, Office Action, Request in Exam...). If the nature of the invoiced event is not listed, it is possible to select "Other".
  • Note: This is a short description of the nature of the invoiced event.
  • Amount details (excl. taxes) *: This is the amount (excluding VAT) for this event. For example, the amount for Annuity 3 of a US patent will be the sum of the patent firm's fee to pay for the renewal and the fee required by the USPTO for this event (ie:7700USD).

If there are several lines listed on the invoice (ie. several events), it is possible to add the new line by clicking on "add another amount". In this example, there is 1 invoice (total amount 4900 EUR) with two lines:

  • Office Action (invoiced 4600 EUR) related to the patent US11/232,965
  • Renewal fee 09 (invoiced 300 EUR) related to the patent JP2003316203