“Case manager” definition: 

You can assign a case to a “Case Manager” > he/she becomes responsible for the case and its related tasks. If the list of pending tasks then needs to be carried out by someone else, the Case manager can re-assign the case(s) to another Case Manager.

In “Admin” > “Organization”, It is possible to assign roles (eg.“Case Manager”) to users. 

  • The Case manager must be an Orbit Asset user. 
  • The Case manager can be associated with an asset (patent, trademark or design) and will be designated preferably when a task is created for this asset
  • By default, the task will be assigned to the admin (it is possible to modify the default user > Admin > Docketing Configuration).

Admin Section > User Management - Modify a user by clicking on his/her name

Options for adding a “Case manager” to one or several cases:

  • Option 1 Via In the asset view

Via In the asset view, “Contact” tab, it is possible to add contacts to an asset.

  • Key contacts: Case manager or Inhouse attorney
  • Inventors
  • Law firms & corresponding agent
  • Additional contacts

For changing the case manager, you can click on edit icon and select a new case manager.

  • Option 2 Via the asset listing

It is also possible to associate in bulk a case manager to several assets:

  • Group by Asset
  • Select the wanted assets
  • Click on “Edit key contacts"
  • Then select "Case manager"

Add a case manager to several selected cases