The platform allows to manage documents and to associate them to a family, an asset (patent, trademark, design or "other") or to tasks. 


To add a document to a family or an asset, simply open the wanted family or asset and go to the "Document" tab. 

When the document tab is displayed, an "Add document" button is available on the right. 
It is then possible to add up to 5 documents at once

It is possible to organize documents by "type" (pre-established classification) and by "document tags" (classification customizable by the customer). A comment field is also available if necessary. 
This information will then be visible on the "Comments" and "Properties" tabs of the document.


List of the different "types":

  • Certificate
  • Prior Art
  • Drawing
  • Incoming Email
  • Outgoing Email
  • Invoice
  • Official Mail and PTO action
  • PTO Form
  • Other


To customize the "Document tags", just click on " + Add custom tag ". 
This tag value will be added and proposed during the next document additions.


Technical limits :

- No limitation in number of documents

- Limit to 40 MB per document

- Possiblity to upload 5 documents max at the same time

- Non Accepted formats: .aspx, .exe, .js, .vbs, .com, .bat, .scr, .pif, .rar and .zip