It is possible to view all the data of a trademark on a single page. The following information is available and can be modified by Admin and Advanced users:

  • Access to its impage
  • Generic information (name, description, good & services)
  • General information (all bibliographic data and access to public data)
  • Owners
  • Parent asset
  • Custom fields (customizable by the administrator)
  • Next renewal date
  • Priority information
  • Vienna code
  • Commenting (open threads / note taking)

The options are available via the button with 3 dots in the upper right corner. This button allows to delete, add extensions based on the current trademarks, change the status etc.

This page also provides automatic access to public data: 

  • The logo in the upper right corner (in the form of a clock) indicates whether the system offers suggestions for corrections based on public data (comparison of existing data with public data). 
  • The "Registers" (open the register page) and "Public record" (open the Markify page) links in the "General information" widget provide 1-click access to public data. The With this feature, the system automatically finds relevant links based on trademark data, saving time and effort of manually searching for registration and tracking sites.