To add a new design to a family, simply click on the 3 dots buttons in the family overview and select "Add design".

Fields description:

  • Design reference : The design reference is most of the time is built on the following format: "Family Reference" - "Country Code" (+ digit, if several assets for the same country). 
    NB: A patent reference should be unique.
  • Design title : The title can be independent of the family title. 
    The family title is by default suggested by the system (it can be modified by the user).
  • Type of the design: Select the design type among the following options: 
    • Priority
    • Design PCT (ie WO applications)
    • Design PCT Extension (ie extension following the PCT phase)
    • Direct extension (ie extension following priority delay)
  • Country of the design : Selection of the protected jurisdiction (national or regional)
  • Status of the design : It is possible to select two basic statuses:
    •  "Filing is in progress" if the project is in the process of filing and if the filing number and filing date are not yet available
    • "Protection is already filed". 
      NB: If you are adding older design that were already Granted or Abandoned, you will be able to later on select these statuses.