If you wish to create a new patent family based on a new priority patent, simply click on the '+' button available on the bottom right of the page, and select 'Patent or invention disclosure'.

Note: If you wish to add a second priority in an existing family, see article : Add manually a patent to a family.

In the first step:

  • Enter the family reference (the last reference used appears in gray under the text box)
  • Complete the family title
  • Select status : 'Filing is in progress' or 'Protection is already filed'

If you choose status 'Protection is already filed' the 'Patent application number' and 'Patent application date' will have to be added.

In the second step (optional):

  • Complete the disclosure date
  • Select a 'Case Manager' (person in charge of this family)
  • Select a 'In-House Attorney' for information

Then click 'Add priority patent' > it's done! 

You can 'Go to your new patent':

When application/publication numbers match public data available in our patent databases, you can wait for the update suggestions to work for you and suggest additional data.

> For more information, see article '
What is a bibliographic update?'