When opening a patent family (by clicking on the image in the portfolio section), you first land to a screen summarizing the content of the patent family.

The left panel describes the patent family structure (based on priority infomation) and is interactive to navigate between the patent members in the family.

The right side of this screen includes widgets : 

- Bibliographic information (Images, Title, Abstract, Applicant, Inventors)

- A map showing the geographic coverage of the family

- The internal tags added at the family level. 

- A widget reminding the next due tasks for this family

- A comment panel

- A link to all the documents attached to the family. 

Some widgets are interactive and can be extended for a better readability:

Image's widget : By clicking on the image, it is possible to display all images associated to this asset on a large size.

Additional notes about this widget:

  • Click on "More Options" to add or remove an image.
  • There is no limit to the number of images added.
  • Images from public databases are downloaded automatically and cannot be deleted by the user. 
  • Images added manually by the user are deletable by the users (Permission level required : Advanced and Admin).

Family tag's widget : This widget can be opened to add new tags or modify existing tags. 

Document tab's: The document management tab allows to add new documents, tag them and preview their content.


Access to family's members : By clicking on a member in the family tree structure will open a detailed view dedicated to the patent.

This detailed view is splited in 6 tabs:

  • Overview: This tab corresponds to an overview of the patent at the Asset level.
  • Biblio Claims : This tab allows to add the claims for the patent and to display the cited and citing patents very easily. It is also possible to modify the familly structure from this page (change priority and/or change the parent asset).
  • Tasks: This tab allows to vizualize tasks associated to this asset 

  • Contacts : This tab allows to vizualize contact associated to this asset (case manager, law firm etc..).

  • Renewal: This tab shows information on the next renewal fee

  • Finance : This tab allows you to add an invoices on this particular patent and vizualize historical cost and cost forecast on this particular patent.

  • Documents : This tabs allows you to add and visualize your documents.

  • Email : This tabs allows you to visualize emails attached to this asset.