It is possible to modify the format of the dates used, the display formats of the cost forecasts and invoiced amounts and the limit of possible lines for export. 

Note: It is important to note that the modifications made on this interface will be effective for all users.

To access this interface, you must click on "Admin" and then on "Client Preferences".

When the wanted changes have been done, click on "Save Changes".

The number of exportable lines has been limited because exports can can take time to process, especially if it contains images. If you wish to increase the number of exportable lines, it is possible to modify it via this interface (see "number of exported rows limit" and "number of exported rows limit with images").

  • Exports with images can be unlocked up to 2000 lines (be careful, the export can take time to process).
  • Exports without images can be unlocked up to 10000 lines.

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