In Orbit Asset, the creation of an asset in a family is fully guided and contextual (dependent on the asset type (ie: priority patent application, PCT, divisional, continuation, CIP...) and the office (EP, EA, ...). 

In order to add a new family member, you need to open the wanted family and select the parent asset. You can add a new asset by clicking on the option button at the top right of the window (3 dots menu).

Example 1 : Add a new priority to an "Invention Disclosure"

If the status of the invention disclosure is a patent "Project in progress", you have the possibility to add a "priority patent application".

By clicking on this button, you can instruct directly your law firm through Orbit Asset or add your application number and date, if you already received this information.

Once the process is finished, the priority application is created in the family overview and a new contextual possibility appears in my priority asset: "File extension(s)"

Example 2 : Filing a PCT or direct extension

The process of filing an extension is also contextual and guided. For example for the extension of a priority patent application the system gives 2 possibilities: 

  • PCT international application 


  • National direct extension

The same system is available for PCT extensions, EP validations, divisional...