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It is possible to create a chart or table of patent metric values to use as part of an analysis


This table of patent metrics can be very useful for determining which patents within a portfolio being analyzed should be identified either for their inherent value and/or for out-licensing (or in-licensing)depending on the type of data being analyzed. 

It can also be used as part of a comprehensive review of a portfolio to determine which patent(s) to non-renew.

How to generate the table?

The creation of the table begins after a thorough search with meaningful results. 

The search can be around a particular technology or a specific company. 

Once the set of results is satisfying, proceed to the analysis module by clicking into the blue button icon at the bottom of search results:

Once in the analysis module click on 'Charts' to access the 'Recommended visualizations' 
Click on 'Key Invention Metrics'.

Key Invention Metrics
The table is built with the default metrics including Patent Strength, all Forward Citations (count), Geographic Coverage, Generality, Litigated (counts) and Opposed (counts). 

Key Invention Metrics customization: it is possible to customize the data and add/replace metrics:

Click on the 'Data' button, and click  into one of the metrics to replace it with a different metric.
Example below.

You can delete a metric by clicking the cross 'x' next to it.

NB: Remember that its possible to see more metrics by clicking the 'other...' links on the right

Sort by Metric of choice: in the example below, the default metrics have been deleted and/or replaced by the patent evaluation indicators.

Below is the new chart, note the new/different metrics + the sort on Patent value.