The results of your chemistry search are shown in the results hitlist. 

  • Hitlist display: notice that each searched compound is highlighted

  • KWIC tab: from the keywords in context (KWIC) tab on the right side you have access to the compounds detected by your query and, by hovering over the highlighted term, you will be able to see the detected structure.
  • NB: if the molecule has only been detected via image or .mol file, it will only be referenced in the KWIC, hence no detection in the text fields.

  • Molecule filter: depending on your query, you will have access to the molecules filter so that you can easily refine your data to the most interesting compounds if you did search by substructure. It comes with the addition of chemical properties (molecular formula, molecular weight and SMILES string).

From the search history, you can see hover over the <Molecule search> to see what was searched, even if it was a drawing.